The Hills Bulls Sports Club is proud to announce the Longhorns Community Support Program.

The Longhorns ‘We’ve got your back”

The Longhorns is a Bulls initiative which provides a support for those in need.
Born from the Hills Bulls Sports Club’s 58-year heritage and association with the local area the Longhorns celebrates our passion for the Hills District. The premise for the Longhorns is to provide much need support across six key pillars.

  • MENTAL Assisting those struggling with mental illness
  • PHYSICAL Assisting those requiring support to overcome a sports related injury
  • MINORITY Pathways through sport for community groups such as Women in Sport, Local Indigenous Sportsmen and Sportswomen and Sport for the disabled.
  • FINANCIAL Supporting club members through, gear donations, sporting scholarships and rebates
  • COMMUNITY Providing local community leaders with over 6000 club members to gather information on community issues
  • CHARITY Raise awareness &/or funds for key Sports related charities

Longhorns 6 Pillars of Support

Sport is renowned for being a fun and entertaining activity where people go to enjoy themselves for parts of their day or week. However due to the nature of this entertainment, sport can at times shadow the fact that some people may be going through rough times behind the scenes. This is why Longhorns is an important avenue for those people to seek some kind of help.
The Longhorns utilises our strong sporting, community and business relationships to raise funds, engage mentors and provide support. The Hills Bulls dressing shed located at Crestwood Reserve provides a central meeting place, a comfortable environment and a middle ground for anyone suffering and in need of assistance across our five pillars. This help will be in the form of participating in activities, talking to people or gaining advice on certain life learnt issues from mentors or peer support volunteers.


“Zero suicide, that’s our vision. Simple as that. I want a society in which everyone has a Gotcha4Life mate. That go-to person who you can open up to and rely on about anything. A world where we seek help when life gets challenging. Where we can build open and honest relationships and feel comfortable expressing ourselves, no matter what.”
– Founder Gus Worland

How it would work ?

Longhorns will be open 1 evening a month (Wednesday 6pm to 8pm)

Children Activities

  • Touch footy
  • Oztag
  • Basketball
  • Board games
  • Other games

Adult activities

  • Personal connection – chat, coffee, beer, walking,

*Note: This concept is NOT a childminding service privacy is ensured
All children must be accompanied by an adult.
Children under 10 must always have a parent with them the whole time at the Shed.

The Longhorns ‘We’ve got your back”