Member and Club Information

The Club is a legally registered entity with the NSW Department of Fair Trading.

We operate under the “model constitution” prescribed by the Department of Fair Trading. Although we have these written rules, our operations are founded on principles of common sense and are governed by a reputable and responsible management committee who has committed to uphold the values and traditions of the Club. In the Parramatta Junior League District our club is one of the clubs that is not funded by a licensed leagues club. All executives, committee members, coaches and trainers of junior teams are unpaid volunteers.
Over time, many hundreds of thousands of dollars of Club funds have been spent on upgrading the playing surface, facilities, equipment and installing lighting at Crestwood and other grounds used by the Club.

The executive of the Club is comprised of a management committee of seven. Four members are elected to the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The other members typically take responsibility for the “core functions” of the Club: Coaching and Development, Fundraising and Social, Grounds Management and Sponsorship. However, in 2012 this was extended to thirteen to help spread the burned of running such a big Club, allowing committee members more time to work on specific roles within the Club and importantly give them more time back to their own families too.

A series of sub committees of further volunteers are formed to assist in the general operations of the Club. These committees are typically informal and are monitored, or notionally led, by an executive committee member. Significant committees include fundraising, gear and equipment, Oztag, touch football and registrations.
For participation in its junior rugby league competition, the Club is accountable to the Parramatta District Junior Rugby League Association and its by laws and conventions.

Each year the Clubs financial records are independently audited and accounts are tabled at the Annual General Meeting. Please see below for relevant forms and documents.