Hills District JRLFC&TA Coaching & Development Philosophy

The HDJRLFC is a Club based on strong traditions of fair play, sportsmanship and participating to the best of your ability. As a Club with a strong emphasis on working together as a Club, all coaches should base their approach to coaching teams on the guidelines that follow. If following these guidelines presents a problem, it should be raised in the first instance with the Coaching and Development Committee and then, if unresolved or requiring further guidance, with the Board of the Club.

The focus of all coaching should be on the skills development of all players rather than whether the team wins or loses. Winning should be a result of all players preforming well, rather than one or two dominant players. Some key points are:

Mini/Mod Coaching:

  • Give all players an opportunity to practise all skills – they should not be specialising in one position at this stage.
  • Ensure adequate participation in games by all players, not just the minimum stated by the rules/laws of the Mini Footy and Modified League.

Junior International (U13-U16 age group):

  • Continue to give players an opportunity to practise all skills – whilst beginning to specialise in certain positions, the players are still developing and should be encouraged to develop a range of skills.
  • Ensure the rotation of players provides adequate participation for all players.

Senior International (U17 & over):

  • Whilst focussing on the skills most relevant to their position, provide players with an opportunity to develop all areas of their game.
  • Ensure all players receive adequate opportunity to participate in games.
  • In keeping with the feeling of participating to the best of your ability, teams will be nominated for the highest division for which they are deemed capable of entering.
  • Within each age group, players shall be selected into the team best suited to them based on their demonstrated playing ability.
  • All players within an age group should train together until after the second trial game, giving all players sufficient opportunity to gain selection in the highest team for which they are eligible. This process also allows for a sharing of coaching knowledge and skills amongst the coaches of an age group.
  • The coach of the team in the highest division (Head Coach of Age Group) shall select the best players from all available at the time of trials/selection.
  • The same process shall be followed by the coaches of subsequent teams down through the divisions.
  • Where possible, all players are to be nominated for their correct age group. The Club Board will have the final say on any player playing up from their correct age group.
  • As representatives of the Club, all coaches are to act as role models for the players and parents in their team at all training sessions, games and Club functions. Coaches should not only abide by the Code of Conduct, but should set a standard of behavior in excess of this that reflects the family friendly nature of the Club.