Hills Bulls Sports Club Board

Hills Bulls Sports Club Board is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The Board is elected by the members to represent the Club across all sports. The 2023 Board is a collection of individuals with a range of skills and experience across a variety of business sectors. Your Board members have one or more responsibilities ranging from Canteen, to Marketing, Sponsorship, Gear & Merchandise to Coaching & Development and more. The Board is available to all members of the Hills Bulls and welcome questions to make our Club even stronger. Each Board member is committed to the Club for today and to ensure longevity for tomorrow.

Michael Gremmo

Peter Beck
Vice President,
& Development

Rick Palin

Mark Mahoney
& Development

Scott Chalcraft
Marketing & Social Media

Aaron Gonzalez

Justin Moynihan
OzTag Liaison & Committee

Graham Marshall
OzTag Liaison & Committee

Paul Griffin
Senior Football

Ryan Orley
& Development

Marty Shanahan
Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO)/ Coaching & Development

Yass Sidaros
Fundraising Liaison

Craig Culnane
Coaching and Development Liason

President Michael Gremmo 0418 613 004
Vice President, Coaching & Development Peter Beck 0415 490 268
Secretary Rick Palin 0410 413 061
Treasurer Mark Mahoney 0412 934 739
Senior Rugby League Paul Griffin 0412 275 181
Fundraising Liaison Yass Sidaros 0424 827 683
Coaching and Development Liaison Craig Culnane 0412 490 754
Marketing Scott Chalcraft 0410 311 839
Oz Tag / League Tag Justin Moynihan
Sponsorship Aaron Gonzalez 0405 987 662
Coaching & Development Ryan Orley 0419 017 595
Fundraising, Marketing & Social Media Sonia Cook 0431 229 912
OzTag Liaison & Committee Graham Marshall 0478 730 962
Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO)/ Coaching & Development Marty Shanahan 0409 153 311