Our Canteen

Welcome to the Bulls Canteen and our selection of hot and cold food and beverage. Whether you are looking for something to warm you up while watching your beloved Bulls on a cold winter’s day or supporting the Oztag with a cool beverage, we have it covered. Our friendly team will hand prepare our famous Quail Burger to your liking or help you create a lolly bag full of all your favourites.

Support the Bulls and tempt your taste buds all year round at the Bulls Canteen.

Go the mighty Bulls!


Hot chip bucket $4.00
Hot chip and gravy plate (small) $4.00
Hot chip and gravy plate (large) $7.00
Hot chip and gravy roll $5.00
Hotdog $3.00
Garlo beef pie $4.50
Garlo sausage roll $4.00
Cheese toastie $2.00
Toastie – Bacon and Cheese $3.50
Toastie – Cheese and tomato $3.00
Egg and Bacon Roll/Sandwich $5.00
Egg only $2.50
Bacon only $3.00
BBQ sausage roll / sandwhich $3.00
Steak roll/sandwich (salad optional) $6.00
Hamburger (salad optional) $6.00
Quail burger (salad optional) $7.00
Add bacon to a burger/steak/qual) $1.00
Add egg to a burger/steak/qual) $1.00
Add sausage to a burger/steak/qual) $1.00
Lollies $1.00
Various lollies $1.50 – $3.00
Chocolate bar $3.00
Packet smith chips $3.00
Fruit $1.00
Water $2.50
Can of soft drink $3.00
Powerade $5.00
Bottle juice $2.50
Slushie $3.00
Coffee (Cap/Latte/Mocha/Hot Chocolate) $5.00
Coffee black short/long $3.00
Tea $3.00
Banana bread $2.00
Pastry/Muffin $4.50