Manager Information

Our Managers are key to making our teams run efficiently. They are the backbone of each Bulls team providing frequent information to parents, ensuring all official requirements are adhered to and are often the keepers of the detail. A great manager supports the coaching staff and importantly takes care of game day administration to allow our coaches and players to compete to the best of their ability. Thankyou to all Managers and we hope you enjoy your 2023 season.


The Team Manager is to represent the team on behalf of Club management and ensure all team members are kept up to date with Club requirements.

In addition, the Team Manager looks after the team, making sure that all administrative and operational planning and activities are completed including, registration and team lists and keeping everyone informed about competition draws, venues and timings.

The Team Manager must have good organisational skills and must be able to communicate with a wide range of people.


  • To ensure all off field football matters are dealt with efficiently and in a timely manner.
  • Provide administrative support to the coach and liaison with HDJRLFC Club and competitor Club officials.
  • Arrange the required support staff for games to take place.
  • Support the coaching staff to make sure the required administrative and support arrangements are in place so that coaches and players can concentrate on the game.


  • Ensure the coach and players are provided with sufficient equipment (within the guidelines set down by the Club Board) to ensure efficient operation of the team.
  • Ensure all players are registered with the District Club and registration is fully paid prior to first game.
  • Liaise closely with Club Registrar to ensure that appropriate information has been supplied by each player.
  • Ensure the safekeeping of the players card and ensure that they are on the official table (with the Coach and Trainers cards) for the duration of each match.
  • Be responsible for correctly completing the sign on sheet at the official table for each game and ensure that all players are signed on the sheet as required.
  • Ensure that game score sheets (club copy) is returned to the clubhouse for the Club Secretary to collate and send through to the District Club.
  • Ensure that all particulars in relation to the game are correctly entered on the game sheet prior to when the referee signs the score sheet.
  • Liaise with Gear Steward and be responsible for issuing all Club gear to players at beginning of season.
  • Ensure all players are aware of what attire they are to be in when attending each game and are correctly attired for each game.
  • Ensure all players and parents know when and where they are playing each week and location of the grounds.
  • Represent the team at Coaches and Managers and if required other club meetings.
  • Recruit a team parent to represent the team at committee meetings when required.
  • Ensure parents are available and present to assist with Ground Manager, First or Canteen roles prior and during the game.
  • Ensure the team parents are fully informed of what is happening in the club and promote all club social functions.
  • If an injury occurs during a game, ensure that necessary forms are completed within the required time.
  • Check weekly scores and tables to ensure they are correct.
  • If required, assist Coach with weekly and yearly team reports.
  • Record Players ‘3, 2, 1’ points, number of tries, goals and points scored each game and ensure this is recorded with total number of games played by each player at the end of season and then returned to Club Secretary.
  • Return all players and team official cards to the Club Secretary after the last game played for the season.
  • Ensure all players and parents are aware of the Club Presentation Day.
  • Have a good working knowledge of the Club Constitution and Rules.
  • Have a sound understanding, and encourage team members and parents to observe, respect and abide by the Club and District Club Rules and Codes of Conduct at all times.
  • Coaches are required to complete and submit the necessary Child Protection Forms.
  • Be available on game days to help coordinate and run the day.

Game Days:

The following is intended as a Quick Reference Guide to assist Team Managers in completing their duties for each game day. Duties may be varied to reflect an individuals time commitment or the role as negotiated with the team coach.

  • Registered Player & Team Support Officials

    • Ensure all players named on the team sheet (including coaching staff) are registered.
    • Ensure you have players, coach and trainer cards with you at official table.
  • Team Sheets

    • Surname, first initial and signature is required for all players and team support.
    • Monitor and record any interchanges and if required manage interchange cards.
  • Team First Aid, Ground Manager & Volunteers

    • U6 to U12 teams are to have parent volunteers as First Aid/Ground Manager at home games.
    • Teams playing first games are to have volunteers assisting with setting up of fields.
  • Score Reporting & Timekeeper

    • Ensure scores are recorded immediately on time sheet and if required change score board.
    • Ensure time is correctly started as monitored as per table ‘timer’ clocks.
  • At Game Completion

    • Complete time sheet, sign and give to the Ground Manager at completion of game.
    • Take the Club copy if playing away and deliver to the Club Secretary.
  • Tries, Goals and Points

    • Ensure all tries, goals and scores are recorded with player name in Team Match Report books.
    • Recording this is essential for end of year presentation day and future ‘service’ awards.
  • Best & Fairest (321)

    • Ensure 3, 2, 1 votes are collected and recorded in Team Match Report books.
    • If required, liaise with coach for game ‘Man of Match’ award for game.